Sunday, June 16, 2013


Ok first real quick, Mom anything you can find that shows the church and Korea together please please send it to me. Like church magazines that say anything about Korea of have a picture, just anything.  That would be coool! Then I could give it out to the investigators and they would have more interest MAYBE!
 Any way's big week, had a BAPTISM! yes it was amazing the man who had some slight mental illness got baptized and my wonderful little (new missionary), Oregon's very own Elder Nathan Gardner baptized him. I literally feel like my own trainer Elder Warren because he allowed me the opportunity to baptize my first week. It was a great experience. So good to show the ward our work and what not. He's been quite the process but the spirit shined through his countenance after the baptism, and the smile he wore when he put on the white shirt I bought for him was priceless. The ward is now super excited and I think the work will hasten even more in the next coming weeks! 

We have a baptismal date for our investigator from Nepal too, (Please tell Aunt Lisa and Uncle Gordon, I assume they are still serving their city mission with the Nepal people???)  his sincerity and desire to know truth truly is a testimony builder for me. 

This week is also transfer calls......So stressful because these decide if you go to another mission or not! I know I'll be fine wherever the Lord sends me, but it will be a bit sad to not see the other missionaries i've grown so close to for the next year. Oh well I'll just have a "sons of Mosiah" and "Alma" reunion and we will glory in the Lord's strength later!
Another miracle that happened this week also was that i was able to go on exchanges with another elder who is struggling with his desire. I prayed and prepared a training for him on desire. I was a bit confused on how to talk and relate everything to him (he's korean) but the Lord helped. At the end of my companionship study with him I asked him to do a roleplay where I had him just bare testimony to me. after he did so I asked if he felt the spirit (can't believe the spirit prompted me to be so bold...) and he said no. And I also said no.  So i told him I'd leave the room and give him time to pray and gain the spirit so he could try again. When I went back in he bore testimony again and there was a little something there. So then I told him i felt I needed to share testimony with him. He said he'd like to hear it in english. So i did so. I bore testimony of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, and how through being his leader I have been able to feel the Love they have for him. It touched his heart and he told me how the training I the Lord gave through me was what he needed. I'm so grateful that the Lord can use me for this amazing work. I lvoe it so much.
Dad I can't believe you almost died and picked up Hepatitis "A" when you were out of the of the country ! Why is my family all "almost" dying on my mission..... It's ok though because I have complete trust in the Lord and have put you all in his hands. I know you will all be taken care of.
I heard that a big  Tayo man wondered back to our house....i would like a picture please! tell him hello and that It's been too long. I am still planning to convert that big boy from TCU.
I love you all, keep up the good work. Alma 24:14
Elder Kaufusi

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