Sunday, July 21, 2013

Another amazing week in Korea

  • Another amazing week in Korea‏

Man it's blazing here!

 Wooo weee I'm sweating like a horse with a 300 lb indian on my back! But I love it! 

This week was crazy, just like every other week! Lots of miracles and great things going on in the area and zone. The biggest thing was our musical that we did for our stake. It was last night and it was so great. I sang and danced my heart out. Sadly not a lot of investigators came however, some did and President and Sister Christensen came. It was so fun and spiritual and I was grateful for the opportunity. 

Hey dad, a man named mr. Napp or Knapp or something like that is here and he looked familiar and you and him served in the same young adult ward with Steve Roy. He served in 2 of the 5 wards in our stake. Fun to see him.

 Also twins, i met some koreans that go to Timpview and know you two! my little brother and sister are so famous! I love it. Anyways yeah i think they have a girl your age and one older, but if she comes up to you and says hello...say hello back. and Devin take her on a date so you can learn some korean and become smart. ha ha

Had temple day last week. what a blessing. Keep taking the advantage of the temple, truly it is the house of the Lord and the spirit within can enlighten our minds to a different plane of thought. Seek revelation within. 

So transfer calls are this saturday, i can't believe it has been a transfer already. We are just working working working and the time is flying too fast! I gotta do more with the time! We are moving houses and getting a lot of new missionaries. We have 8 companionships in our zone right now and we are looking to gain I believe 4 more this transfer with the hastening of the work. here's a miracle from this week.

. Our area is doing good. we have found a lot of investigators and now just need to work on

 getting them progressing. One is our 15 year old. He was ok, but when we met with him last he

 started talking about how he didn't have the desire to know God, and that he was OK with 

just not believing. It was hard to hear, but the spirit guided us and we talked about Christ. We 

watched finding faith in Christ and after bore powerful testimony of his reality and Heavenly 

Father's existence  It was different because we have come to love this investigator and to hear these

things before was hard so when we testified it was truly with the love and 

intent of keeping him

 from falling away, almost like bearing testimony to a less active family member or such. His 

heart was softened and he agreed to continue meeting. I remember just staring him in the eyes 

and just tears came because i didn't want him to fall away, I truly felt that I cared for the 

welfare of his soul and happiness. It was a great experience.

Haven't got the package yet, but no worries, just thanks for sending one and thinking of me. I'm

 so blessed to have the best family ever! 

Oh and my glasses are fine, i just look like a Korean nerd but that's what I'm supposed to be. 

Love you all,
Elder Kaufusi

ps. any news on my little nephew baby Corbin??? huh? Just I am serious! Come on Brons, you can do it!

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