Monday, July 8, 2013

Well sounds like the wedding was an amazing event!

 I hope you took tons and tons and tons of pictures and videos because i want to see them all!!!! I wish that i could've been there but the Lord needed me here, and I know that you will be blessed if I work hard, so i can't stop working! Congrats family on pulling it off! ha i'm glad that I wasn't there to feel the pressure or the stress haha.
 I would love to see a video of them doing the haka! that would be classic.

 Well today was great, just had lunch with none other than our boy Johnny Oh! He's so great. Truly a wonderful man and a great friend to our family! Invite him over to dinner sometime, he goes through great lengths to come and see me. 

But yeah this week has been soooooooooooooooooo busy. Just yeah...i've never been this busy before! Ha i'm a whole week behind in my journal writing! (don't worry mom, I'll catch up quick!) 

But some crazy things, had mission leadership council, since the mission split, half as many people were there. Then made my first training with my companion elder Luker, than President and the AP's came to our training and then we went on exchanges with the ap's and then a member of our zone (who was with me in the mtc) just decided to finish his mission early dragged his companion into the south mission and got on a bus back to his home and left his companion alone at a bus station in the other mission..... So  I was called on and had to help with that and go comfort his companion.  We bought a half gallon of baskin robins ice cream and went over and kinda bore testimony and ate well. 

But it truly has just been so busy! Miracles left and right, but I can't tell you them because i don't know where to start. SO just wait and read my journals someday. Something that I've focused on the past couple of weeks was virtue and faith. They are amazing, and I would commit you all (Brons and Hilary as well^^) to read those sections out of Preach my gospel chapter 6, Christ like attributes.

 Well I LOVE YOU ALL, so glad to see a couple of pictures of our wonderful friends and family.

Somethings I need,

1) addresses.. the Holladay family, grandma kaufusi, jared's email those are just some of the people I have had on my mind lately and yeah anyone else you think would enjoy a nice spiritual letter!  

2) don't be alarmed but i'm getting glasses today....(mom, I know you are going to want to call the mission home and get the details on my "blindness" but no need to call the mission home, really it is nothing) things have been a bit fuzzy lately so yeah. maybe i'll get smart with them and finally learn Korean.


Elder Kaufusi, who now has his first sister-in law. I will be expecting you to pick me up from the airport in 10 months with baby Corbin in your I am serious!

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