Monday, July 1, 2013

Hello Aliens!!! and married brother!‏

  • Hello Aliens!!! and married brother!

I'm the worst brother in the world and totally forget to send a wedding gift or letter or anything! 

things are just so busy here so... I'm so sorry brother....Please know that I love and support you and Hilary and that your wedding invitation was received well! I still claim the first name of your first born! anyways....

Family I lubba yews sooo muchie! that's how a korean would say it ;)

 anyways not alot of time, got to send some stats into the office especially the 5PM stats (brons you know those right...what a pain). But this week was awesome! just working working working! 

Funny story today we get a call and my comp answers and then says its for me. Some man named 오정훈 called and i was like hmmm and he asked (this is all in korean) if i remember him and I said "sorry i don't..." well then he starts talking about provo and football and then I ask for his name again and recognize his last name is "oh" hmm only one man it could be.. i asked if he had an english name and he told me to guess and i was like (in english finally) HEY JOHNNY OH! haha classic! he was probably dying at how bad my korean is haha but it was way fun!  anyways going to play bball today whooooo and yeah i want alot of pics about the wedding and stuff! here's a spiritual experience:

Miracle for this week is: THE WORK OF SALVATION. 

I don't just say that because it was what we watched and it was great, but I say it because i feel that As I watched the Prophet and Apostles talk and give divine instruction I was overwhelmed by the power of the Spirit.

 Truly this worldwide training was revelation from the Lord. As I watched my heart took courage and was filled with the spirit. Multiple times the spirit testified to my heart of the truths being taught and the truth of our church. 

One particularly spiritual experience I had as I watched was I was sitting there and as I watched the missionaries in the videos it made me think of how much more work things will take, and how much more devotion it will take. 

As i pondered that for a moment my mind was taken to the white handbook which states something along the lines of, "you will be expected to devote all time and talents to the work, leaving behind all personal affairs." I thought about if I was giving my complete devotion and if I had left everything behind. To be honest reflecting on my mission work I felt pretty confident that I had given my all to this point and that I had left everything behind to do the Lord's work; but at that very moment a strange thing occurred.

 My mind went blank and I heard a voice, and it said 3 words, "GIVE ME MORE." Immediately the burning of the spirit filled my heart and body and I realized that the Lord may be pleased with me but he is not satisfied. Throughout the whole video I felt like Alma or Ammon and my soul rejoiced! those 2 hours were such a spiritual experience to me and I'm so grateful for modern day revelation. 


Love you all soooo muchie!
Elder Kaufusi

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