Monday, July 15, 2013

Just another day in paradise!

Hey there family!
This is short but just know that I love you!

 Wedding sounds and looked amazing! Love it. can't wait to see more pictures and stuff. How was the after math? Did mom go into depression, ha ha like when Bronson left on his mission? (if so no body get surgery because if you do you are on your own!!!! hahahaha JUST KIDDING MOTHER!!!)

 But seems like the nest is getting emptier. So Mom, I'm supposed to ask you if you would ever be up for renting out rooms.... some man in my ward's family lives in provo but they might be interested. Anyways, i think he may have already worked it out but I promised him I'd ask. I told them my mom would love it.

 Going on. This week was crazy busy! Just one thing after the next! We are finding tons of new investigators and just filling our schedules up! THE WORK OF SALVATION IS THE BEST! 

Our most progressing investigator is our 15yr old student 이태호. He was doing great, and we had a great lesson with him last sunday but this whole week he didn't meet with us and didn't answer calls or txts.

 We went and took some cookies over to his house last night and he was so surprised. We were able to meet his mom and she warmed us to us very quickly. 이태호 was just in shock that we found his house and visited. However, the overall outcome was good. 

The miracle this week is we were able to pick up an investigator that we met on the subway on our way to last leadership council. He was young and spoke good english, and 전도ing in the morning on the subway is sometimes difficult but as we showed forth our faith "justin" popped up. He ended up living in our area, and when we met and picked him up last week he talked about the "peaceful/good feeling" he got when talking with us. He talked to his parents already and they said that it is ok for him to be a member of our church! So we told him about baptism and is thinking about a date. It was an amazing first lesson. The Lord is and has prepared people for us. Now we must just continue to help him on the path of conversion. 

Well I love you all! Keep up the good work at home. 

Love, Elder Kaufusi

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