Monday, July 29, 2013

Here You Go

Well Family,

Sounds like everyone is having a blast! Well i haven't gotten the box yet but this week is transfers so i will for sure get it this week.

 Crazy things this transfer. My zone about doubled in size. from 16 to 28. 2 districts to 4 and every single companionship is training. Even we are. Elder Luker and I will still be zone leaders but we will also be training a new missionary in a 3-some together so yeah different. 

we moved houses to one in our area. Money has been tight because we had to travel by bus everyday to our area but president fixed it with a new house. ANd it is soooo nice and soooo big! i feel pretty spoiled... But it will help us to focus on the work and not have to worry about other things which I wont discuss because I don't want scare mom. 

This whole morning before studies I played mr. plumber and went at our sink. We need to install a water filter but it was....difficult. I felt like dad all those times he fixed the sink....then mom would call someone to really fix it.... haha it was fun. 

Work is picking up super fast. When we started this transfer we basically had no investigators and just went to work. we now have 23 investigators, only about 10 meet regularly but it has been a blessing to serve here with the Lord and watch the miracles unfold. Now we just need to get them all progressing to baptism and conversion. here's my miracle:

Miracle this week was we got tons of 소개's! not from members but from other missionaries. 

It was great.

 Especially one of them was amazing. 

The Sisters tried to 전도 to this lady on the street and she wasn't having it so
 she told them to talk to her son, who was right next to her. He started talking and he agreed to meet with us (the elders). We met the first time on friday and it was amazing. He expressed to us how he has found the only true way to live is the way God wants him to live. We jumped right into the first lesson and it was so spiritual. He had really good questions and we were able to show him the answers, and when we bore testimony of Joseph Smith and recited the first vision it was a blessing to see the spirit working in him. 

Helping him to gain a desire to know the truth just like Joseph Smith. Before we met he thought we were a cult and wanted nothing to do with us. He even told us that he had rejected a lot of missionaries on the street when they'd try and talk to them, but now he knew that we believed in Christ and God. He was so grateful for our message. After he was so grateful for us and treated us to dinner. Even at dinner we continued to talk about Christ and Heavenly Father and how they affect everything in our lives. He just wanted to be with us the whole day, He kept saying how he just "fed off of our spirits and energy." it was amazing teaching this prepared man. It was a miracle for sure. 

Love you all so much! Excited for the package! 

Stay strong in the faith. If you ever get lost. Turn to the Lord. 

Love, Elder Kaufusi

Ps. make sure Bronson isn't on steroids... he is getting HUGE!!!

 and if i needed anything here it would be just new insoles... my shoes will make it, but i wore through the insoles completely and just don't use any haha. Love you

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