Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Way to beat Texas! 
Great Win! What were brons and dev's stats?

 Well glad to hear everyone is doing well! Love you all so much. Gotta get going on some p-day activities my son told me in comp inventory that we need to have more fun on p-days so we gotta go have fun! then focus back on missionary work. Love you!
This last week's miracle happened on Sunday. During sacrament we sat by our investigator and after Sacrament everyone crowded towards the back of the chapel for some reason. We went back there and a family had come to church that Elder Luker had met on the street and had tried to refer to the Korean Elders. Her kids had heard of our church and the Mother's friend (40yr old male) had also visited our church 30 years ago and really liked it. So the Mom, her daughter and the Mom's friend was there. Elder Perry and I went into the young single adults class with Paul (전정환, our most progressing investigator who will be baptized next week), and Elder Luker went into another room with our ward mission leader and the sister missionaries and the Korean missionaries. Things all went well, we taught Paul and he accepted everything great. It truly brought peace to my soul to hear him so readily and willing to follow the commandments of God. It's easy to think negatively, especially with the situation we are in where someone is so prepared to be baptized, yet satan is working so hard. That hope for baptism can be clouded by doubt and fear, but everytime we meet Paul and bare testimony of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, that fear is washed away. The lesson went well, after church meetings ended we went into our room and evaluated how things had gone. Elder Luker told us the amazing story of the family and how they saw a light in the missionaries faces, especially when the lady came up to Elder Luker on the street and started talking to him. Also, that when she ran into Elder Luker again on the street that it wasn't an coincidence, but that it was meant to be. Due to the miracle of the family finding our church and coming to sacrament meeting we have 3 new investigators and if things go accordingly we will have a way to passour baptismal goal of 3 and have 4 baptisms this month. The Lord Always Provides a Way.
Love this work, I know it's true.

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