Tuesday, September 17, 2013

sorry so short...again

Things are just going so fast that email time is not what it used to be! Sorry for last week, and this week, but I hope you find joy and peace knowing that Your son (me) is finding the greatest joys and happiness of life losing himself in the Lord's work.  

The Baptism this week is the miracle! 전정환 (paul) came to church and was prepared to begin his journey as a witness and follower of our Lord and Savior. As we sat and listened to the testimonies of our members during the baptismal service I was watching 전정환 and elder Perry. Both of them were beaming in their white baptismal clothes and I had such a powerful feeling of the spirit rush over me and open my understanding more. I felt the Spirit testify to me of the work we are doing. That there are so many people in need of this eternal change. After the Ordinance there was a special musical number by the young single adults. During the musical number our newly baptized Brother had his head bowed and was praying fervently. what an amazing sight it was to see. More importantly what an amazing manifestation of the spirit.  The Joy that was felt is inexpressible. During this time of fasting, purification, sanctification, and re-dedication; my studies have lead me to the idea that I, like every other missionary bearing the name of Christ, must  willingly give more of myself. However, it is much easier said then done. Like all doctrine, the more clearly it is understood the more we will apply and follow it's principles. During the baptism I was able to understand more deeply of what I must become spiritually, and what I must give temporally. The joy that was felt is without a doubt one of the "why's" of missionary work. 

Continue in faith. Remember Faith over Comes Doubt everytime.  Sanctify, Purify, and become the disciple of Christ you were pre-destined to be.

Elder Kaufusi

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