Monday, September 30, 2013

Well it's gonna be short....I am the new AP

So I got transferred again....And because of where I am my emails are going to be really short...... My new companions are elder Clearwater and Elder 설명우 in the office...yes, I am so humbled, I am now the new AP, (mom, that stands for Assistant to the President)

 Really just been crazy, so sad to say goodbye to my last ward... was only there for about 3 months but i love them so much. Shed some tears and stuff when i said goodbye but then my new comps came after church and swept me away to the office.

 I'm so grateful for the opportunity I will have to work so close with president Christensen and just help the other missionaries in the mission! Things are just going to go into overdrive and work work work. I might come home about180 lbs. but I'll have saved some souls and that's all that matters!

Getting busy! scariest thought is I'll have to get a drivers license and drive the crazy streets of korea!
 (I know you are all laughing because we all know I wasn't that great of a driver in good old Provo, Utah)
Love you all,
 The church is True! I Love Korea, I love You!
 Elder Kaufusi
President just walked in and told me that you will have to do somethings for me so i can get my license here in korea. So I will send you the paper work and if you could fill it out and what not I'd appreciate it. Love you!

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