Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June 5, 2012

 This is Corbin's latest email!!! This boy is hilarious!

aye der familia!! how are YURDABOON?!!!  hahaha o my son of a baby pig i don't know where to begin, this week has beeen so crazy and amazing and crazy! um ok so i'll just fire off a bunch of random shenanigans and hopefully you haven't heard it before from me. if so, be patient, or i'll set you on fire!!! hahah ok hmmm so this week has been good, I feel like i am progressing in the korean pretty well. i will admit sometimes i wanna hulk smash through the wall because i can't say things i feel i need to say but it's ok, that is why im working on patience right?! haha um o goodness i have seen so many people in here. i see elder tempest all the time and i love it. he has a short but hefty black brotha and a glasses studded white male has his companions. I saw elder sagers as well! i totally saw his car pull up so i dragged my 2 dwarves with me to go say hello to ry guy. it was classic. i hope that they are both loving the mtc as much as i am becuase it's trully amazing in here. everymorning i wake up and i sing, and every night i lead the choir in the showers, but i try to not sing tooo loud cuz it's against the rules and im all about the obedience! which brings me to  a story. so one day my companion who is struggling with home sickness from canada wanted to go get garments during personal study time and i firmly told him "no we need to study, we are on the lord's time elder" so he was like ok.....plus no one really argues with me hehe. anyways that night after i had just showered i came into the room and he just started getting mad at me for not lettting him go get garments and i was a bit vexed so i told him that we are here to do what the lord needs us to and we will be completely obedient! well idk after we argued i was just so mad and wondered why he was lashing out at me, so i prayed and asked the lord to let me know through the spirit what i could do to help elder julian and myself so that we could come together in unity. well after i had layed down in my bed and put my ear plugs in (his sleep apnea machine can make some crazy weird noises) i looked over and saw that he was just staring at his pics from home, so then it hit me that he was just taking out his homesickness on me and that i just needed to bare him up in kindness and love, because his homesickness is the root of all his disobedience problems. so that night i stayed up for a little while and just felt horrible for rebuking him (never thought i would use that word) so the next morning i woke up and decided i would apologize and ask him if there was anything i could do to help him. well apologizing is sooooo hard, especially when i feel like i was in the right at the same time. so like 5 perfect instances came up where i could have apologized for the little confrontation we had but i let them go cuz in my mind i would rationalize that i said what i said because we neeeded to be obedient. then for some random reasons the nephites came to my mind. and the pride cycle and realized that i was going through a pride cycle and that i wasn't apologizing because i was getting pridefu. so even though i felt i was in the right i did as you always tell me dad and took the higher road and apologized. i felt so much better and more in-tune with the spirit after it was great. another funny story about confrontation is i love playing soccer withe the koreans that just came in. but we always happen to play this district who are pufffed up and stuff and i never get competitive cuz we aren't supposed to so usually i run around aimlessly just trying to kick the ball. so this one elder who is super competetivehad the ball so while screaming like a monkey i ran to him and kicked the ball out of his legs and stole it from him, but he fell down. i guess, so when he got up he yelled "kaufusi get your trash over here!!!" i was like hmmm ok :) so i walked over and said what's wrong elder and he kinda shrunk when i got close and said some dumb thing about how i don't know how to play soccer and i was like , "i know, the lord doesn't make bodies like me for  soccer" haha it was funny. ha i think it's so funny that some elders get so competitive during sports. i usually run around and try to look like a jungle beast haha. during basketball when i play in my NEW SHOES THAT ARE AWESOME!!!!!! THANKSSS SISSSSSSYYYYYY! the koreans just lvoe me cuz im so tall and they always want me to dunk but i can't because i will not break the rules ha so i just do dunks without touching the rim haha. Well i love all the stuff yall send. it's awesome, i was so mad though because tracy jackson sent me  some salsa and the mail place consfiscated it. i was about to go ape crazy when they gave me only the bag of chips! o and i have lost a bit of weight.... im around 245.... i eat sooo much too, i think its cuz i need to eat more throughout the day. so if you could keep sending snacks and candies and whatever i would love it, plus i tell everyone that you're the best cook mom! ha and i need to send yall my memory card cuz i got alot of pics and videos of hilarity. alot of it is just soo random. um what else....o my goodness i tots saw yous all the other day hahah i walked out of the building where all my class time is, and i heard this wild honking and was like, "what the korea?!" and when i looked over i saw our car and some child hanging out of it or something. it was so crazy hahaha sometimes i forget that i'm in provo. what else.... so how is everyone doing? did dad love philly, i bet he weighs liek 312lbs because he ate so much over there haha jk dad you're all muscle, i wish you could transfer your muscle to my bod! mom don't go kill yourself on a 100 mile bike ride. lex don't have too much fun without me, ps how's the shingles, you could totally use it as a pity thing and get some free stuff! but really are you ok?!?... daryl and dev.....don't let your hormones get the best of ya! bridle your passions you lil hot dogs! i pray for yall all the time! i love you all sooooooooo much!

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  1. Amazing! I want to send him some cinnamon rolls, so if you could get me how many are in his district and his mailing address I would be eternally grateful. :)