Wednesday, June 20, 2012

From the Friends.

Ok so Corbin's two best friends Sam Tempest and Ryan Sagers are in the MTC with him. Here are some little parts about Corbin...

From Elder Tempest:

K I need you guys to thank Michelle, the Tempest's, and the Earls for me. I loved all of their packages. also you need to make
Corbin something that will make his belt break cause that kid is skinnier than four bendy straws strapped to
a rocket ship landing on mars.

From Elder Sagers:

Oh and before I forget, I just wanted to make it known to all you people out there.... by far the FUNNIEST thing about the MTC is seeing Corbin and his two companions!! Hahah I freaking can't help but laugh every time I see them! It's like Gandalf leading a couple of hobbits! Haha his companions are literally like five foot nothing, and they just follow behind him in a line wherever he goes! Haha it's sooooo funny.

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  1. My son ran into Elder Sagers yesterday at the MTC on P-Day playing some ball.