Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June 18, 2012 Email

(my family)

How's it? I love hearing about all of you all the time! it makes me so happy! and mother!!!!!! i saw you on Sunday and you didn't even recognize me?!?! it was at like 3:40ish and we were walking back from our temple walk and I saw your car and i started waving so you slowed down and waved but it seemed like you didn't recognize me! What the lumps woman! haha I turned to my zone (I'm zone leader now) and I said everyone wave to my mother! It was great but you looked confused with so many people waving at you. Mom you have to roll your window down and say something only my crazy, loving mother would say! haha.
Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was fathers day!!! happy fathers day!!!!!! I love you soo much, I was gonna send a card but I'm so busy with this new calling and keeping my companionship going that I didn't have time to send it but i do have one and it will get to you someday. I just want you to know that i couldn't have had a better example of a worthy priesthood holder and man growing up. Everything you have taught me has helped me soo much in the MTC and I can't thank you enough dad. I promise one day I will make it up to you and buy you a truck and a fishing boat!

Well, it has been another crazy week in the MTC! lots of learning lots of Korean lots of......weirdies. hahaha um where to start?.....well funny things that have happened. I saw mother and she looked great but she did not break a rule and it shocked me...and I saw Katya a few days ago, and some other random person honking at me from a car...probably some Mexicans thinking i was a Mexican. anyways it was a sad week because our senior districts and the Korean district finally left for Korea! I was surprisingly really sad to see them go because they were my mentors and what not but I know that they have been prepared and are ready to preach for the lord. Ha I'm going to miss all the lil Asians running around saying KAPUUSHI KAPUUUSHI YOU SOOOO BEEEEIIIIIGGGGG! but it's OK because we get another group of white boy missionaries coming in next week. in fact we get 26! which is like almost triple the amount we have now....then in like 3 weeks we get another Korean district who will leave with us. So weird because I have to do this orientation thing for all of them. Learning Korean is going well, I am starting to get to the point were I can just formulate sentences in my head because I've learned a lot of grammar forms and I know the syntax of it. It is still frustrating at times but i know the lord is helping me out. I'm starting to understand things too especially when we talk to our "progressing investigators." I feel like I can finally start teaching to the needs because I can understand them and that's what missionary work is all about!

I almost got in trouble the other day....hahaha jk it was funny, so there is no dunking in the gym but we were playing and my teammate shot and missed and I came running in and jumped like a bazillion feet in the air and I felt like a darn spartan or something and I grabbed the ball off the rebound and was like "NOOOOOOOO----SOOOONNNNNN" (that is your voice mother in my head) and I forgot the "no dunking" rule for a split second and had this massive put-back dunk.....as soon as it happened though I felt so bad, I ran into the gym office and was like "I didn't mean to dunk it!!! I swear like I just couldn't not....." they just laughed at me and said it was fine! ha they actually kinda wanted me to do it again but I won't because it's against the rules!! I've had some really spiritual experiences this week. we taught a middle aged Korean lady who was a volunteer and we were teaching revelation through the Book of Mormon. she seemed really insecure and so we had her read some verses and she like started to cry. I told her that I know that the Book of Mormon could bless her life and through it we can fee God's love. She already had a testimony of it but i told her that she could receive more revelation if she would read it every day. She said yes but then our time ran out and we had to go, before I could tell her of the Saviors love for her! but I am pretty sure she felt it through us. I'm striving to learn how to receive personal revelation and today at the temple i believe i will get some. The temple is such an amazing place and I know that the Lord has been in there. Every time I sit in the celestial room I truly feel like i am in the Lord's presence. it's amazing.

Well keep telling me everything! I love to hear it! If you want you can keep sending me packages, I love love love them!!!! Could you send me a water bottle or like some capri-suns? I need to drink more. thought i saw Dora the other day....how I misss that girl...I still need to set up a time to go activate my pin number. ha my companions and i call it our get out of jail free card! o and Bronson met Jonah Lomu......................................I"MMMMMM SOSOOOOOO JEAAAAAALLLLLLOOOOOUUUUSSSSS/EXCIITTEEEEDDDDDDDDDDD Jonah is such a beast!.;...well maybe I'll meet a famous Korean that invented space travel.......ha probably not but I will send a card for Bronson's b-day but my time is out!

Elder Kaufusi 250lbs. Yes I have lost about 15 pounds, I am trying to gain

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