Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Email to the family 6/12/12

Aye derrrr yura boon! how's it? i swear you sons of mother ducks!!!!! you sent me a small child in that large lasst package!! i was sooooo happy to partake of that human sacrafice. i've been enjoying it alot. i now can bond with the koreans because right before bed they gather together and eat food in a circle so i join and the just say "kapushi....come at me broww" turns out they all wanna fight me. or just fake fight me and hug me. either way i love them. one of them told another elder in our district to proprose to the korean sister in the zone hahaha he was like "elda lodes (elder rhodes) propoose to seeeista cho, you man, if you love herw you must propooose!" they are hilarious, one of them looks like a panda and they always make him go workout and he hates it hahaha he's like "i fat, and i not as fast as dem!" it's like being around a bunch of edward shins! anyways it's great. let me tell you about the funniest story that happened to me. so the other night someone changed our alarm clock to 1 in the morning so that was weird but i thought it was as maintenance man playin a joke on us. then this morning elder woodford and myself found all these tissues under our bed spreads, literally like 20! and i was like what the mother teresea is this?! so we asked elder julian and he looked down and this is what he said.

"well yo, i was soooo mad at you both becuase you wouldn't let me write letters during gym time, and i have just been so mad that you both are making me wake up and go to bed on time so while you both were in the showers i changed the alarm clock to 1 in the morning so that you both would wake up. but when it went off neither of you two woke up so i had to get up and turn it off....then it went off 5 minutes later because i guess i hit the snooze button it was so annoying! then i was still mad so last night while you where in the showers i made balls of tissue to put under your bed so that it would be uncomfortable for you both to sleep in....but i guess it didn't work."

I started laughing soooooo hard, in fact all of didd ha all of his plans to get back at us backfired completely! i really was laughing sooooo hard, because he reminded me when i would get mad at bronson and thrash his room then i'd end up cleaning it up because you would make me mom.... hahah so funny. but at the same t5ime it was good because i think my companion is starting to realize the reasoning for our strict obedience. and that it isn't something he should be mad over. he's gettting better to work with. hmmm other experiences this week..... well i've had a ton! in one of our lessons with a random korean volunteer it was really hard to understand him and my companions didn't say much and i know he was a bit confused. so i bore testimony to him in korean and while baring testimony i was prompted to tell him of his worth in god's eye. so i told him that through prayer he can recieve answers and that god wants to hear from him. then i looked him in the eye and said, i know that heavenly father loves you. that small simple statement brought such spiritually feeling and witness to me of how important it is for us to know that god loves us all. and that the savior knows us so well. never hesitate to turn to him. he will bare you up and bless you.

Well i gotta go, this dumb timer says only a minute left, i might have to hulk smash this computer! im sending you my first camera memory card, it is full of classic videos and things so put them on my blog haha. yes fam i can still be naked in here....the few moments from walking to and from the shower are moments i enjoy haha. o could you give me the garry's address, and send bronson's letters through dear elder. love ya!

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