Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Email to Me (Alexis) this one is priceless...

sissy! i thank you for the update, sounds like the fam is doing good. tell mother to stop crying! ha but it is weird that i haven't seen her yet, i see a ton of people whenever i go out and play soccer. that's all i do is lift, bball and soccer with the koreans. they love me, but some of them are a bit too touchy, they just want my bod. tell father he needs to lose weight because he still has to be alive when i get home! and not on a respirator. i miss lil porsche, she's such a cutie, you should bring her on a walk around the temple!...so that i can say hi to my only niece. ha so i totally got this wedding invite from steph and trav and it was so cute (i'm not gay) anyways they look so great. im so excited for them! when you go up there you gotta rep for me and do some crazy stuff. maybe i should send a letter with you to give to suze! or barb! ha they'd like that kind of crap right? i gotta write steph and trav back and send my congrats but how are you doing sis? i heard you got shingles, im sorry....i pray for you in korean but maybe it doesn't help because my korean isn't great. but i'll keep praying. what else you doing this summer. you should totally ride horses in canada or with boden sometime so i can live vicariously through you! well gotta email the fam. love yaa!

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