Tuesday, June 5, 2012

an older email... so funny

 Here's an older email from Elder Kaufusi

ha where to even begin, it's been such a crazy week! i it's so been so crazy i probably look like an asian right now!!! well hmm ok so tuesday was when we conversed last correct? well that night we had a devotional it was great, then we just started our week over again and all we do is study korean and teach in korean, and yes that may sound easy but it's sooooooo stinkin harddd!!!! geezy laweezy, i am probably doing better then most the people in my district but i don't say that to be prideful, it just shows that the lord knows how dumb i am so he's givin me a bit of a help up haha. guess who i found elder tempest!! and guess what, somehow our district got switched with a really old district so we get to host newbies tomorrow, and guess who comes in...RY DAWG sagers!!! im totally gonna pick him up from the curb! and i'll just spit some crazy korean at paul and they'll be so impressed.... hahaha tell them to look for me! the temple has been awesome, last tuesday we did the endowment and i think we'll do the same today. i lvoe our temple walks, i got some tight pictures for y'all so i'll have to send my sd card. by the way are any of my letters making it to you? i've sent everyone a letter, so idk i pray it made it to you! how's fam bam life? you got some sweet trips planned for the summer? tell me about them, then i will re-enact them with my companions in my residence hahaha. hmm what else.... well i should probably tell you some good spiritual experiences that i've had.
so the other day i was with my companions and the one from canada, elder julian has really been struggling with homesickness and my heart really went out to him but i just didn't know what to do. his homesickness affects us all and it makes him not want to be obedient really so it's been a bit hard to deal with, because since im the senior companion in the threesome i have to conduct companionship inventory and i don't want to be mean or sound offensive to him but we needed to address it. so finally after companionship prayer one night he was feeling really down and he just kept saying he was gonna call home the next day. so when i said my personal prayer i pleeded to the lord to let the spirit guide either myself or elder woodford so that we might say some words that would comfort elder julian. as soon as i ended my prayers we were all in bed then elder woodford said exactly what elder  julian needed to hear and he helped bare him up. i knew my prayer was answered... and strangly im starting to think i already told yall this story. well another one is yesterday we had to teach 2 new investigators and we were not prepared at all. we had been studying hard but we just were not able to say the things we wanted to going into our first one. so naturally our first lesson was a disaster and after i tried to laugh it off but in my heart i knew that i ahd failed the lord in being a good representative. so after dinner we had to teach again so we quickly made another vague lesson plan and went to the next lesson. this time we did so well and the spirit was so much more peaceful and comforting during the lesson we all spoke great korean and i loved it. the difference was we humbled ourselves and we had a prayer in our hearts for eachother. it was great, after we immediately went into a seperate room and prayed and i gave thanks to the lord for allowing us to get through the lesson with the spirit. i love this place! ha it's like a space time continuim in here though....like i feel like the time is just non-existant and im in a whole new world. but then when i walk out into the field or the temple im like wow i know this place!!! the native koreans came in last night and they just marveled at me... kinda weird but i just kept telling them i love them. um things i need....maybe an extra shirt and shorts cuz i go through them so fast during my workout time! also um idk nothing ha just love to hear how yall are doing. i lvoe you alll bye bye!

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