Monday, February 25, 2013

I even love our Pets!

It is I the Korean boiiiii Elder Kaufusi!

How are you all today? Church sounds like it was great, except for the sick-lings in the family....Sorry Daryl and Bronsini.

Daryl, I'm so excited for your winter formal! it's OK you aren't going with your "boy who's a friend" so don't worry. Have an awesome time with the little Driggs boy!

Devini, winter formal is fun! you should go, but of course you have agency. Sounds like you're killing it in bball! Keep it up, but keep working out in the weight room! Oh and get good math grades broski!...(also send an adventure time picture so I can send it to Boden)

 Brons what were your stats for your last game?! So you traveled a bit in the paint...typical. Just kidding, I'm so proud of you!

Lex, your hair is growing wooopeee! and your new car sounds sooo sweet, you should have a photo shoot with it and send them to me ;).

Dad you are such a crazy recruiting master! keep bring the best players/investigators to BYU so that their lives can be blessed,....and also our team!

Mother, I lubba you! Don't worry about the hamburger helper next box ha truth is i haven't exactly eaten it yet because we've been pretty busy and just survive off of quick meals. 

Josey! barkk ruffff grrrrrr bark barkkky barrrrrrrrrrrk.

 Porsche meow...meow meow
Well, anyways things here are busy and great!
We saw some great miracles that I would love to share. But of course I will tell you the tragedy that our investigator who was supposed to get baptized last week dropped us. His parents are really against the church and told him he can't meet with us or even come to church. They told him he could go to a catholic we will try and show up at his house with some delicious cookies (mom send your chocolate chip cookie recipe please!) and soften their hearts.

Well, despite of the disappointment I was calling off an old potential sheet and found a kid, and we met with him and he is so golden and prepared! He met the missionaries a long time ago and accepted it all well and wanted to be baptized but things just didn't work out and he was kind of forgotten. SO, we will baptize him this Saturday! Such a miracle! The Lord also provided 5 new investigators for us this last week and we will be teaching a lot more which is such a blessing.

 Another, quick miracle is we taught another investigator about fasting. He accepted the concept but he wasn't very sincere.  So, I told him my experience with fasting and the blessings that come, especially when we fasted for Alexis. The Spirit filled the room as I tried my best to explain the power of fasting. After, he said that he would like to fast to quite smoking so we planned to fast with him. Mom your right, Personal experiences bring the spirit so powerfully it's amazing.
Everyone keep a journal!
well love you all!

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