Monday, February 25, 2013

I live! Corbin's Letter‏ 11-27-12

Wow I loved everyone's E-Mails! They are so great and I'm so grateful for them! This might be short, so I will try and go quick!
This week has been super fun! Yes I will describe my first bath house experience. I went, got naked, and played in big hot-tubs and stuff with old Korean men. Really fun! Super relaxing, if only you could've seen! Yup that's about it on that.

So yes, it was thanksgiving this week! Like you all saw, we went to the Wilcox's and it was amazing! They are such a kind and loving family and I love them! Brother Wilcox got permission to watch football and basketball so I got to see my COUGARS PLAY!!!!! SOOOO FUN! A little tender mercy from the Lord. To make it even better I saw my Daddy and Bronsini on the screen! made my day...and week... and month! I ate sooo much food. I had to sit with a pillow over my stomach so people couldn't see
1. that my stomach was massive and filled
2. that I of course pulled a Dad and undid my belt so that I could let my stomach flop about!
Sounds like you had another full house at home!

The work here in my area slowed a lot this week. Not a lot of things happened. It could be because we didn't work hard enough, so this next week we will double our efforts to be led by the spirit and perform miracles through the priesthood! That is one thing I've studied this week is the priesthood. It is one of the key, if not THE key element in the restoration of the church. It is amazing and I'm continuing to learn how I can better honor my priesthood, but more importantly use it to do the will of the Father. So Dad, Brons, and Dev, USE YOUR PRIESTHOOD! We have the power to call down miracles from heaven. Build the Kingdom and call down miracles if the spirit directs! A miracle we did see was yesterday at church a former investigator that I've been in contact with came and after he agreed to start taking the lessons again. He also accepted a soft baptismal commitment! I don't know how much work it will take to bring him to Christ but we will do all that is necessary to do so. It is almost the end of this transfer, it flew by so fast I can't believe it! It will be interesting to see what revelation President gets on how the mission should change.
DAD: Dad you won! yippee! Who cares if it wasn't a great team, a win is a win! and Brons did good, that's all because of you. I've been studying King Benjamin this week and I think of you every time I do because I know that you love him! You have the same attributes as him. Your ward sounds like it is doing great! That's so fun! keep leading your flock through the priesthood! I saw you on TV! you looked good dad! you should wear some smaller shirts though, your shirts look like massive parachutes hanging off of you! How is Jason doing? Love You!
MOM: Hello Mom! I LOVED YOUR EMAIL! Sounds like so much fun! I wanna see like a video of you teaching your workout class!  Yes mother i was fed well for thanksgiving, but just like brons said i will await patiently for the day i get to eat your food again! I'm foaming and drooling just thinking about your cooking! Everyone sounds like they are doing well, thanks for everything! I have 2 camera cards i need to send home...i know I am bad, some of the videos will be pretty old but hope you still find joy in them! Love You!
LEX: Sister! you got your knee scoped?! why  did i just hear about this! How is it doing? probably fine cuz you are just like Hugh Jackman as wolverine and can heal instantly. I've learned the "why" when it comes to going to church. So i would just encourage you to find out the "why" in why go to church. Anyways walking dead sounds sooo fun! how was twilight? you love it!? you gotta send me some pictures of everything you are doing! I love seeing your pictures and hearing from you! I LOVE YOU!
Bronsini: well right now you are at Hilary smith's house probably laughing a fake laugh at her dad's jokes, or asking the mom if you can take the garbage suck up! Well NICE GAME BRO! You did some sweet work! so proud of you! When we watched the San Jose game and the Oregon st game i was so excited as i watched you run around out there. You are just a big horse aren't ya! o and yeah BYU basketball needs you. Watching them was like watching a bunch of long skinnny snakes with legs attempt a deep post up... go relearn some stuff from your father Perris wild-boar. Well I LOVE YOU! ps. so at the bath house an old man sat right next to me in the hotest bath and started rubbing my leg... he then told me something i didn't understand...but that is all I shall share at this time.
DARYL! Well hello there bringer of boys past curfew! How goes it?! Well I hope you learned your lesson! spirit goes to bed early ya know! especially when it's ugly boys your hanging around with!!!! anyways, I'm so happy to hear that your knee is doing good! i can't wait to hear about how you are tearing it up back on the field! so work hard! I LOVE YOU send pics of your life in the next box you skipped seminary.....well I'LL BOUNCE YOUR BABY BOOTY! Bro seminary is unreal! I do not care if you missed carpool and mom made you walk and you were super late and embarrassed to walk in late, you can gain so much revelation from it! I so badly wish i would've paid better attention in seminary. If you wanna prepare to bring thousands of souls unto Christ then you have to pay attention at seminary and then gain a testimony of it. Well tell me, how's b-ball! I LOVE YOU BRO. Tell Bronson's father, the wild boar I say HELLO! (NO really don't, I think I am a bad memory to him from having too much fun in basketball, it could effect your playing time if he has a flashback of me)

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