Monday, February 25, 2013

"Only in God's Country!!" 12-2-12

"Only in God's Country!!"- quote from lds moview mountain of the Lord
Well hello there everyone! sounds like things are just AMAZING! Every time I e-mail it is an answer to my prayers to hear that everyone is doing well and that there are no injuries or major problems! I would like to share an experience I had yesterday, fast Sunday. It's pretty funny, but also spiritual. So yesterday was fast Sunday! I was grateful for the opportunity to fast and also renew my covenants of baptism. However, I woke up and was a it peeved by some missionaries that stayed over. I felt the way Dad did when we were kids. They weren't doing anything really wrong but they weren't exactly respecting the sabbath and it was really getting to me. I was at the point where I wanted to say something to them and then I remembered D&C 121 where it says only reprove when moved upon by the spirit. I definitely wasn't moved upon by the spirit, so I went into my study and prayed for strength and patience. From the scriptures we also learn that fasting is a purification process and that it allows us, if done properly, to feel of the spirit more. So throughout the day I just kept a prayer in my heart so that I might be blessed with patience and the spirit. At church, the members were so nice to us an we were really able to build better relationships with them. This was one way that the Lord Blessed me. In fact one of the members told me that how happy I was serving there. That was something I felt the Lord wanted me to hear, and I was truly happy that this member was the Lord's messenger whether he knew it or not. The rest of the day was great. We walked for a couple miles trying to find less-active member houses. We got lost, but they Lord gave me patience and helped me to have a thankful heart. So even when we got lost, we found something to laugh about. At the first house we visited we asked if the member was there through the intercom and the voice was like, "yeah he's here! who is this?..." we told her we were the missionaries and ten she was like, "uhhhh he's not here bye." Well that was a bit frustrating but it was super funny. The next visit was SOOOO funny. So we are walking to his his and it is a  50 year old man who lives with his parents. The parents don't like us, in fact the dad and missionaries have had some sketchy run-ins before... so this house has a bit Asian wall thing that leads to the "courtyard." well since I am a wee bit tall I could see over the wall and the less active was right there and he saw me and had that "o crap the missionaries"-look on his face and he walked off. He is....well a bit crazy so we went to the gate and i knocked and asked if anyone was there...There was no response....but we knew he was right there. Well the gate had a strip of glass you could see through so elder coats and i looked through the glass and he had walked to the corner of the yard with his face in the corner pretending he couldn't here us. hahaha what a weirdy! he could had gone inside or gone to the backyard but he decided the corner was the best hiding place. Well being my tall self i stuck my head over the fence and said helllo! when i called out his name and that i could see him he just slowly turned in our direction like a little boy who got caught with chocolate all over his face. Koreans... well he came over and was strange but committed to coming to church next week! miracle! well that was my fun/spiritual fast Sunday tale. the day went from being filled with contention to humbling myself and letting the spirit bear up my heart with joy and patience. I hope you enjoyed it.
Dad: You are a warrior Dad! always on the road, then coming home just to do the Lord's work and build his kingdom in your ward! you are inspiring! Now when you go to sea world just jump in the water and be with your kind....the whales haha i would if i were there! I'm a whale now too. one day we can be beached together. Love you Dad!
Mom: 2 packages?!!!! I don't know what to say other than thank you. O will try and pay it forward in my work. I'm blessed with such an amazing mother! I've been studying Joseph smith and his teaching and you remind me of Emma Mom! She was such a choice daughter of God and did so much in spite of adversity and trial. She always pressed forward. That fits you perfectly mom! (just don't apostatize like she did) Love you Mom!
Alexis: So how's the knee? what are you doing for work, still vivant? how much do you get?! im super curious. crazy thing... i ate a soup called 순대국 (soon-dae-kook) which is like blood soaked noodles rapped in pig intestines with pig lung and just massive pieces of fat. It was great! don't know why i told you.... aother rrandom thing, there are witchs in korea and the korean elder in my house told me about them and i almost wet myself!...I will get you a picture of one. so are you going to pass american heritage?! soooo hard!!!! pray for help, I'll pray for you too! LOVE YOU
Brother: Dude you are just going going going! I love it! You ajnd hilary seem to be having a great time! just Don't forget that you were just on a 2 year drought from your family and that they have been longing to be with you again. So even though she is great, make sure the fambam comes first! You have finals too!! streesss! well i should probably pray for you more then lex since her and i are the naturally smart and you are the...hardworker! Dude you put of 300 5 times?! beast! I did like 5 push-ups the other day.... hahaha. Keep it up. Make sure dev doesn't get broken!
Daryl! SOOOO WHO IS THIS BOY?!!!! he's talll, im good with that, but his name sounds like someone elder tempest converted! who is he? do you have a pic of him?! send it... is he strong? In korea the husband has to be able to do at least 10 push ups with his wife on his back when they get married. To show the father inlaw he has a strong back. Then the father in law takes him to a bath house and inspects him....I will do the same when i come home! I wan to write katya too! I will write her a letter right now. did she get the one i sent a couple months ago? anyways my comp thinks your are a beautiful daughter of god, that's why he wrote you ;) Love You!
Skinni Devini! How goes it man! remember when you would jiggle around and show all th girls your "6pack" now you probaly have a skinny man six pack along with showing ribs! welcome to the club man! it's just one of the things we go through before we get tall. just make sure you are eating....eating....eating...eating....eating....gourging....skarfing....consuming....not throwing up....cow...meat....chicken...< all that random suff is good.... anyways I love you! keep getting big man!
Love you all! be good boys and girls, keep your covenants and the commandments. Pray and read he scriptures! LOVE YOU

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