Monday, February 25, 2013

Corbins Letter 11-12-12

Dear Family,

I Can't believe it has only been a couple days into this new transfer! It's so fun! I have to admit I am a bit trunky though because literally all the missionaries i was around and got close to all went home...and a lot more are going home this next transfer. so sad... but happy they are finishing the work of the Lord! Especially Elder Warren, my trainer. He probably gave his homecoming talk today and if you all get the chance you should invite him to dinner because man I love him!

Some great things have happened this week! First off my new companion is Elder Jackson Pete Coats from Rupert Idaho! He is awesome ha and super fun! I can already tell that we are going to have a great, fun, and hard working transfer together! He is about a year into his mission and his first area was in 주안 so he knows the area. We are truly gonna show the Lord that we are willing to do his will! And of course have fun doing it. Also in our 4 man house my new zone leader is 이성제. He is soooo funny and great! He trained my mtc companion. Ha he is like the Korean Bronson! I love it, so we just have a ton of fun together and say/do dumb things when we are all home at night and in the morning. In fact it is a tender mercy that the Lord has been putting such wonderful people in my path. I really missed Bronson and didn't know how I was gonna fair but the Lord sent people like Boden and Va'a to fill the gap and now the Lord has placed another Bronson-like character in my life ha so I'm very grateful. But yes, just like the real Bronson elder Lee-song-Jay can get annoying and what not... so Brons...beware of pride boy!

Anyways president came to our church on Sunday with sister Christensen. They are so amazing and great servants of the Lord! He spoke in sacrament on the spirit of mission work and the need for it and it was so spiritual. I was especially surprised when he told the ward to give us referrals! He was bold like prophets of old and man did that get me pumped up! This week has been cool. getting to know elder coats has been a blast! He kinda reminds me of a football version of Elder Tempest! Anyways I feel that one of my greatest spiritual inspirations and revelations I've had and experienced this week was in my personal studies. I've decided every personal study I'll write down a question in my study journal and then in my usual scripture reading seek for what the Lord needs me to get. Literally every time without fail the Lord lets me see a little thing that even though it may not be related directly to my question it connects in a round-about spiritual manner! For example I'm in 2 Nephi in my B.O.M reading and likening things to Isaiah is just not as fun for me as Nephi thought it was... However keeping an open heart and mind to the promptings of the spirit have helped me to find what I need or what the Lord needs. So even though it may sound dumb. Study the scriptures with a question or an aim in mind because the spirit can work a lot more effectively if you give it some direction.

Korean is coming along, being passed off is great and i feel like I am learning it really fast now. Still get pretty confused sometimes but it is all in the Lord's hands. He molds us into our greatest form but only if we humble ourselves and let him. Some fun things that happened this week, went to a meat buffet, HALLELUJAH!....stayed there for 2 hours eating meat...still wasn't enough hahaha Had a massive pillow fight last night and i destroyed the 3 other elders ha but they did pin me at one point. Had a zone/stake Halloween party and it was sooo fun! loved it. Wore a mustache, and yeah oh did sports proselyting activity at the college in our area and it was really good. The Lord gave me these gifts so that i could bring people unto Christ so I'm going to use them!
Dad: WINNER WINNER IN N' OUT DINNER!!!! nice dad! so sick, made me so happy to hear about the game. who do you all play next? gotta get to the bowl game!!!! so i ate some raw fish was really interesting...the spines were really weird and crunchy. i only tell you this because I'm sure you would've loved it. Lord continues to open up my eyes to how I can better myself as a missionary and better follow his example and yours. Thanks dad, LOVE YOU.
Mom: YOU"RE GREAT!!!!! LUBBA YOUA! got your package and man was I IN HEAVEN! hung up the Halloween decorations and i love love love the candy mmmmm thinking about it makes me want to go eat it, but i know i gotta ration it haha. Korea is great! don't worry i eat. Sleep...i need to work on because our pillow talk is just so fun. (still a social butterfly)  LOVE YOU!
SEESTER LADY GIRL: Ello you money making crazy women! Sounds like you are having fun,  yes we will go to the mother land, then to Cali then to Mexico later on. So we can have our fair share of adventures! Loved the letter you sent it made me so happy, put it in my folder of course. Make sure Bronson doesn't get married without me! How's church? do you do your visiting teaching? Just curious. LOVE YOU! won the football game! so great! so proud of you man! Keep it up! how big are you now? School going ok? Your letter was awesome! almost made me cry but luckily I am a testosterone filled man and didn't. yes, I really miss the days where we slept together and talked all night and just did dumb stuff (poor mom, remember how she would get on us to get some sleep). So don't get married till I am home and we can continue it! what's your church better have a calling..... Well I LOVE YOU!
DEARL: Knee is healing!!! HuZZAH! what boys do you hang out with? how's young women's? our home ward is so great, here in Korea there isn't a real support system in the wards so i realize how blessed we are. Be involved! I LOVE YOU
DEV:.... Just know I LOVE YOU!
HAVE A  GGOOOD WEEK!! Out of time

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