Monday, February 25, 2013

I am so happy! I love everyone!‏ 11-19-12

Hello there everyone!
 How goes it?! Wow! I love your emails they are so uplifting and great and I can feel the spirit of our family through them. You each have such amazing characteristics and I'm edified through them!

 So....we lost NOOOOOOOOOO it's ok....i will survive again.... Brons Play tight end and D-End!...(play quarterback)!!! remember our play in middleschool, "Megan!" named after Megan Conley?! ha so fun.

I will tell you about what has happened this last week and some of the great experiences we've had. One of them is that we both got sick, but don't worry we are better. The miracle was our first day of the flu we were dead. We both laid their like exhausted animals, I managed to study some but it was rough. The next day was the same, however I knew we had to go do some work. So we chomped the bit and got ourselves up. We prayed for the strength to do the Lord's will. Took the bus to our area and proselyted in the rain. The whole time we proselyted (street contacted) we felt sick but through the spirit we were comforted, and our heavenly father gave us the ability to endure. That is something I have learned so much about in the mission.  The need to rely on Heavenly Father and how to do it properly. Too many times we do things according to ourselves and our own understanding without involving our Father in Heaven. Then sometimes we pray to our Father in Heaven to change our situations for our benefit. It's not, we do all we can and the Lord is there when we stop to pick up our slack, but rather the Lord is with us every step of the way and when we continuously rely on him he will continue to be with us when we can't do anymore. Also, in regards to reliance on the Lord. Nephi is such a great example to me. How easy would it be for him to have prayed to be delivered from his brothers when he was tied up. I'm sure that his faith was more than sufficient to call down divine protection. But, that is not what he did. He asked the Lord to give him strength to break the cords so that he can handle the situation on his own. So great! I love MISSION WORK!!!! sorry for that tangent, other stuff....

We had our 50th anniversary this week! We had a big service project and I went and helped make kimchi with old ladies and it was soooo fun!!! we just take pickled like cabbage and cover it in the spicy sauce and pickled other things. I ate a lot of kimchi that day... yummmmm I LOVE KIMCHI! then we had a firseide last night. All of our mission was there and it was great! I saw my whole mtc group and they are amazing! I love the feeling of the spirit when i unite with other missionaries! This calling is amazing and I'm so grateful for it! I saw brother Wilcox and Drake Wilcox (used to be elder Wilcox) super weird! can't wait for thanksgiving at their house.

PS. GOT THE PACKAGE WOOOOOOOOOOOO I OPENED IT AND WAS THE HAPPIEST MISSIONARY ON THE WHOLE EARTH! in fact  ALEXIS!!! I am emailing in my new beanie and bright orange shirt with lip gloss smothered all over my luscious lips!! YUMMY! I'm still on a happiness rage because of the package.... well I'm always on a happiness rage!
Dad: You are a a spiritual warrior! Hearing about your dedication to your calling just inspires me Dad! I'm so blessed because of your work and your example. Sorry about the loss, but your star player (brons) did alright! How is your ward doing? are you just leading those mislead college kids ! I can see it! I just had this idea that you are Moroni because you just lead us, Bronson can be Helamen because he likes leading little boys around and I can be Teancum because I'm a spartan! LOVE YOU DAD
Mom: MOTHER! I loved the package! it was amazing! and I am the luckiest and most loved son in the world! so other missionaries keep seeing my pictures of you and they think you are my sister!  Sounds like the state game was so fun! you are such a good sport mom, attending all these games! you are the best! I LOVE YOU MOM!
ALEXIS! I hear you went to St. Geezy and partayed without mezzy?! it's OK no biggie! I'm glad you took Henry the owl he needed to get out a bit. Did you visit Kenny in mount pleasant? Send me some pics of your travels so i can see you and Henry, and your HAIR! i haven't seen anything about your hair yet! GEEZE WOMAN! Also hows the dating life?....still non-existent? just date Ziggy for pete sakes! haha. Teach Brons how to play ball again would ya? LOVE YOU!
Brons: you dawg you, what are your standards of excellence? Glad to hear you just don't look at faces ha ha but faces are important....looking at it for eternity is a long time!  Sweet sack bro and man you are going from lil pony to Clydesdale! so cool! I am going from stallion to donkey....hahaha but I have no doubt i could take you 1 on 1 on the court! Glad to hear you are doing well in the spiritual aspects of things! Pull Devin along with you! O and my convert's name is  홍정민 (hong jong min, pronounced Hoe-ng Jaw-ng Meen) He is about yea high 5'9ish and has glasses. A real cute lil fella! keep an eye out! tear it up on the court bro! give me a shout-out when you dunk....if you can still dunk... haha LovE Yous
Daryl: LOVE the little note you sent in the package! I'm so happy that that my car Dora is OK and that you are watching out for her! You're the BEST! and I hear you are working your knee super well to get back in shape! I knew you could do it sissy! PS. you will get a letter from my comp soon....he's the man! you will see our funny videos soon i hope! How is school, i heard you took a test on the odyssey.... o homer..... can't say i remember any of it but study hard! knowledge is soo amazing and good to have!  LOVE YOU
DEV: STATE CHAMPPPP WOOOOT WOOOT! So sweet bro, Congratulations! Just keep leading them to victory and it will be awesome! I miss our little chat times! makes me super happy to hear about you and how you are doing. How's church, I'm so jealous of you because you get to do sacrament duties while here in Korea all the Old men do it. It is such a blessing every week and I hope you find time to ponder the scriptures and prepare yourself mentally and spiritually for the sacred ordinances you preform. I LOVE YOU
Well I love you so much! it has been good seeing how everyone is doing. guess what I'm doing for P-DAY....BATH HOUSE BABY!!!!! I'M GONNA GO BE NAKED WITH ALL THE OLD KOREANS AND CONVERT THEM WHILE BATHING WITH THEM! plus i hear you can like get cool scrubbers and scrub a dub your skin really nice! it will be much better then when dad scrubbed us as kids! ha ha How is grandma and grandpa doing?! I love them and tell them i miss them. SO good to  get uncle Jason's note card in the package! he is the man and I love him and his family. I will keep them in my prayers. How is isaiah doing? is josey ok? how is aunt Lisa and uncle G-gordon? does Mitch have a baby yet?!  Are the triplets still doing great!?! I cant wait to kiss those chubby cheeks of the 3 little fellas. anyways love you all!

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