Monday, February 25, 2013

Corbin's letter: CALI!!!!‏ 12-17-12


Well while you are soaking it all up in the beautiful land of California, I'm here soaking in the gospel in the more beautiful land of Korea! Maybe one day you will get to feel how I feel about Korea Well, lets get some business out of the way.
1) yes the Packages came and no i haven't opened them...I'm so tempted to though!!! They look amazing and I'm so grateful for them. I love my family!
2) Call home! i was sitting here the other day and was like.....wait.... i get to call my family... so weird... But I'm excited, but I'm going to tell you that I can only call for 45 minutes so please plan accordingly. I'm allowed to call on the 25th or the 26th Korean time-wise. it will be in the morning. so I'm going to call around 11am( Korean time) on the 25th. so that means it will be Christmas eve at about 7pm in Utah right? is that ok with you? I don't want it to be inconvenient. No's ok, you don't want to see my ugly face  ha ha.
3)I'm sending the families Christmas box TODAY! i procrastinated it for 3 months so now you will hopefully receive it in happy late Christmas. O and Alexis, I'm sending you a letter with 2 memory chips full of memory from like the past 4 months! so hope you like them. My Korean comp wants one of the picks so if you could send it back soon that would be appreciated!
Ok That's my business! work here has been busy! just trying to find new investigators and what not. Learning a ton as zone leader. So much stuff to know and learn! Our zone is doing great, just trying to help the other elders become more obedient and effective. The zone vision we came up with was: "Sanctify ourselves so that we might perform and witness miracles." One miracles we had was last night a drunk man fell and bloodied up his hand and got blood on his face so I picked him up then we sat him down and tried to figure out how to get him home safely. he was super nice....but drunk and he smelt horrible but if Christ still loves him then so do we! we are hopefully going to meet with him tomorrow! Reading some awesome stuff in the New Testament and the Book Of Mormon. I would encourage you all to continue to feast on the Words Of Christ!
Dad! man when I get home we got to go on a couple road trips! Because I love all the random stops we make to get food and that we always get down the street, or to the temple, or to I-15 then need to go back because someone forgot something! That is such a fun family memory that I have and Cherish! Win this bowl game! And congrats on having the 3rd ranked D-line in the nation! That's amazing, but i always new that under your direction they were great! I LOVE YOU DAD!
Mom!  My Korean comp has employed me (thanks to weekly planning*brons ;) to get him into shape. so hopefully I can help him... but I should probably help myself! I eat a lot! and I'm a lot better on budgeting my money. I'm so excited to open these Christmas gifts! I was telling my English class I teach about how great our Christmas traditions are and they were all so jealous! Thanks for always making Christmas amazing my whole life, even when we had very little. I'm forever grateful. I LOVE YOU MOM!
Alexis! I Loved your email! you are doing so great! work seems to be going well, just making that money ey?!!! We all knew you'd be the successful one.... just let me come and work in your yard when I'm broke. So you dating someone? I hear you something about a Levi character or Ziggy! go on a date with Ziggy....just do it! he'll go NFL, you can have super athlete kids, no losses! I'm so pumped to talk to you! I miss you. LOVE YOU!
Bronsini! why hello there McBeasties!  How goes it?! Sounds like you are living it up! How's the Ziggy are you and him just besties!?! Ha i wish i were there to sneak into this brotherhood of awesomeness! Well you didn't fail classes?! awesome! i knew you'd be ok. hobbit sounds super fun! they play previews all over in the subways and buses and I just have to close my eyes and deny the worldliness! but seems cool! Ok go play and win this bowl game! i want 2 sacks! tell Ziggy i want 2 from him too!
Deeeearrly!  you seem to be doing great except this whole boyfriend thing is throwing me off a bit....  I am like "should i be mad or happy" but if it's what you want I'll be happy, however I'm still just mad because I'm your older brother. I'll work on it though. School ok?! have fun in CALI! go to the zoo and see me...the big silver back gorilla :) LOVE YOU
Devini! HELLLO BROTHA! so have you ever tried to talk like they do on the bible videos from it's super fun, you should try it bro ;) how's life! you are like 6'10 right?! i don't want to be the tallest anymore, you can take it from me! You excited for Christmas? don't go find the toys like we usually do.... ha you getting your always classic video game?  Hope you're dating right?  Well, I LOVE YOU!
This email makes up for last week right? well I love you all and hope you continue in the faith of the savior! My Korean isn't great but luckily the spirit helps me out and makes up everything i lack. I LOVE YOU! have fun in CALIFORNIA! take pictures and send them to me :)

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