Monday, February 25, 2013

Really Short 12-9-12

Hey Mom this is going to be REAAALLLLYYYY SHORRRTTTT! I'm so sorry. but for good reaason. SO i got shocked on monday and I'm zone leader of incheon!  I'm super yound and super scared! So much pressure! but the lord provides a way! Well I'm with my new companion elder ee song jae who is korean and lived withme last transfer. He trained my mtc comp elder woodford! Being zone leader has so much responsibility. My prayers are twice as long because I feel like I have to open my circle of love even more! Ha plus im supposed to be good at korean....but im not too great...however, the lord is truly helping me and I feel im progressing alot! we found a new investigator yesterday through english flyering! this area is kind of like joo an because they don't ahve many investigators but we are seeing miracles and will press on in faith! even though i8t was 14degrees yesterday.... Well I love you, I have to go. I have a zone activity we organized! so fun! Devin....I'm so sorry to hear about what happened. Tell brons and zig to go out this next full moon and find these mean people....I'll cast a korean spell on them! but remember the savior always!I love you!

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