Monday, February 25, 2013

Corbins Letter

Well here we are again on a Monday afternoon in Korea.

 Things are great, this last week was great! I had some awesome spiritual experiences but also some trials. Well, we dropped 2 of our investigators that had come the furthest. One was the man who we were supposed to fast with, however, he never met with us and didn't answer when we were going to fast. We met with him again and he definitely feels the spirit but he just tries to play the feeling off and change the subject. It's so sad to see him just deny the Spirit. My heart aches for him. So we ended up dropping him. My companion bore powerful testimony of our purpose of missionary work. It was sad to see him walk out. He cried a little bit. Especially when I told him how much I loved him and cared for him. I said if he ever wanted to meet again we would be glad to, but I will not teach him any more English. So it was sad but also a very spiritual experience. Hopefully he will realize the feeling he is missing not meeting us and will call this week.

Just to keep everything on the positive note ha ha, we got one of our investigators all ready for baptism last Saturday and he had a great interview and was ready. We asked one of our favorite members to baptize him and so everyone was super excited! But the morning of the baptism he cancelled. It hurt my soul. I prayed earnestly to Heavenly Father that whole morning. Trying to love like the Savior is probably one of the greatest things I've experienced on my  mission, but it is also comes with much pain. It has brought me so much closer to Christ and my Father in Heaven. Everything revolves around LOVE. So even though our investigator didn't get baptized my soul hurts because I love him, but I continue to love him and pray that I can more fully find out what God's will for him is.

We had zone conference with president! Man he is called from God! He's trying to get the mission to arise from the dust and wants us to be MEN! I just want to go running from person to person declaring the gospel! We trained on Self conversion, it was fun and very spiritual. Well gotta go LOVE YOU ALL!!!
PS. Daryl hope your date is fun! Dev, stop talking and get good grades! You know Mom, her favorite number is 4.0. If you want to be a talker in class you better have the grades to back it up, at least that is what Mom always said! Lex, how's work? Anything exciting?! How about Porsche?!'s the talk with dad coming? I'll pray for you! Get a dunk and send me a pic! Mom! Sorry it's cold...I know how you hate it. I remembered when you saved Sam Tempest and I in the blizzard when we were kids. You are such a hero! Dad! Give Brons some good advice. Keep your ward strong and build up the Lord's kingdom forever!
PSS. is Cassie stilll dating Terrenn? I have been thinking a lot about him. Can I get  his address from Raleen, I would love to write him! LVOE YOU ALL!

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